Sunday afternoon & evening, 07.06.15.

Remember to say
Namo Amida Butsu –
the first and last word.

As the sun goes down
the veranda fills with light
and angels appear.

I take three deep breaths
and open my heart chakra.
Specific questions

come into my mind.
Am I doing the right thing?
Will you stay with me?

Being with angels
banishes my loneliness
and fills me with peace.

An aeroplane flies
through a message left in the sky
by an angel.

I watch it vanish
into the wisteria –
“I was here for you.”

There is no such thing
as “fear” in the dictionary
of any angel –

it’s replaced by “love”
for that’s the only feeling
angels can express.

Even a white moth
at dusk cannot fly through glass
the way angels do.

They are inside now.
I see them watching me write
with helpful gestures.

My attention’s drawn
to one of Rita’s orchids
on the window-sill.

Maria has the voice
of a human angel –
“Do you want a biscuit?”

“Go to bed with me
and stay beside me all night.
Be there tomorrow

when I come to life.
Fill me with positive thoughts
from the very start.”

Caiaphas, the white
robed angel, stands in the door
studying my soul.

Empty-mindedness –
the key that unlocks the gate
to truth and beauty.

Pigeons and wild geese
race across the cloudless sky,
inaudible specks.

Meditation chair –
watched through the window, angels
fly into the night.