Snizzly Snouts


Snizzly Snouts is Marcus’ translation of an illustrated Flemish children’s book called Rare Snuiters by Jan Dewitte, with illustrations by Freya Vlerick.

In very large format, it consists of a poetic alphabet of 26 weird and wonderful creatures who will make you laugh.

Published in De Haan, Belgium, on 4 October 2014 and later in Dublin by the Association for the Blind.

It comes with a CD of the poems and texts in braille for print disabled readers.

Click here to see a bigger image of the cover.



The jaguar has spots
which are rather nice
I must confess.
Mother has them too
on her sexy dress.

That her spots are false
she can’t conceal.
Mother is imitation,
jaguars are real.



A tapir is a beast
with a peculiar snout:
you think it’s a trunk
but no water comes out.

He often goes round
making a trumpeting sound:
then he’s pretending to be an elephant, you see



The quetzal is handsome
and deserves his fame
but I wish he hadn’t
such a difficult name.

As he swoops through the air
what a marvellous sight!
With his long flowing tail
like a red and green kite.

His beautiful colours
I’ll remember – and yet
his impossible name
I’ll quickly forget.