Acrylic Animals, 2015

A charming collection of 16 new illustrations in acrylic, with haiku and poems.
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acrylic animals cover scan‘I can’t tell you how enjoyable it has been working on this project with my close friend the graphic artist Tarr De Blaere. We met in Bruges in the early seventies and took an immediate liking to one another. We have collaborated on many projects over the years.

acrylicanimals image3 scanSwans –
question marks
written in water

This time it was Tarr who took the leading role. After making a couple of large, striking paintings of a Cat and a Seagull, she asked me if I could provide her with a dozen “animal” haikus from my new book (Haiku Mod and Trad) to give her more ideas. Where we seem to “click” is in our feeling for humour.

acrylicanimals image2 scanHow slowly
time passes – 
feeding ducks

Enjoy this little album, but for God’s sake don’t take it too seriously.’

Marcus  Cumberlege, Bruges, November 2015 (adapted from his introduction to ‘Acrylic Animals’)

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