A Handful of Poetry / Een Handvol Poëzie, 2015

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Published by The Paper Tiger, Bruges, 2015.

A selection of work by Katie Wooler, Debora Kyndt,Patrizia Morotti (Dutch translation Leonce Bekemans), Djinn and Norton Hodges.
The poems are written in Dutch, English and Italian, and are mostly published in book form for the first time.
Cover design by Selena White.
Printed by Vandamme-Beke, Assebroek.

Copyright remains with the authors.

Getting together five poets, young and elderly, all of whom I know and admire, in one volume, has been a labour of love. There is a time in life when one’s own work pales into insignificance or one wants to serve a cause. Making poetry better known
and giving young poets a chance is a goal which appeals to me. It has been a great privilege to explore the worlds of these
five friends. Thanks a million, cousin Katie Wooler in Canada, for taking upon yourself the assembly and layout of these beautiful texts. We look forward to the response of our readers.

Bruges Poet Laureate 2015