Window Poetry, 2010

Marcus has exhbitied some of his works in shop windows around the centre of Bruges. Here is one example.
Sencha Green is from Leaves Painted Gold to Please a Child.


sencha_green_photo500SENCHA GREEN

This is my day and I will make the most
Of every minute. Marmalade on toast
And muesli mixed with yoghurt to begin it.

This is my day: the hours were freely given
For me to savour, like a taste of heaven,
Feasting on every moment’s glorious flavour.

This is my day: the people I will meet
Walking, who knows, along this very street
Or gracing shops that never seem to close.

This is my day: a pot of Sencha Green
Lightens my head and banishes my spleen.
The darkness of the dreary night has fled.

This is your day, so make of it a blend
Of happiness and laughter to the end.
When offered more, serenely answer “Yes!”

To Pascal and the esteemed clientele of the BRUGS THEEHUIS.
Marcus Cumberlege, Tea Poet.