I love the way he looked at me
with his docile Taurus eyes
as if to say “If you turned round
I’d take you by surprise.”

I love the way he spoke to me
in his sweet West-Flemish voice.
I can’t believe he had a taste
for little girls and boyce.

I love the way he prayed for me
with his nose into his bible,
getting his strength from Abraham
while leaning against the table.

Guido Gezelle, Flemish world poet who lived in the 19th century,was supposed to be a pedophile.



I saw it on TV:
milk is bad for you,
sugar is bad for you,

women are bad for you
(too many in one day),
even the air is bad for you.

That’s why Japanese tourists
wear face masks in Bruges
and spread their butter thinly.

I’m not a raving maniac
but I do love silent breakfasts
untortured by news & pop songs.