This website evokes the exhibition designed to complement Company MK’s November 2004 production of ‘Oh What A Lovely War!’ at Stantonbury Campus Theatre. It was staged in the gallery next to the foyer, where the audience could visit it before and after the show and during the interval, and students on the campus could visit it during school hours. “Echoes” featured local links to the events portrayed in the show – that is local to Milton Keynes. Several members of the cast and company contributed family stories and mementoes, as did some of their friends: a public invitation solicited further contributions.

Additional material was provided by The Living Archive in Wolverton and the British Legion in Newport Pagnell. Adam Hepburn, landlord of The Cannon, Newport Pagnell, provided items from his collection; Charlie Wyn-De-Bank of New Bradwell loaned his model of a tank and many items from his large collection of Great War artefacts; Ian Chambers, then of the local branch of The Western Front Association, contributed his research on ‘Local Heroes from Around the World’.

All of these elements of the exhibition are included here.

Other elements of the exhibition are not included – the Hawtin Mundy recordings and a slide show, both from The Living Archive, books, maps and a video.

Our thanks to all concerned. See Exhibition credits and links for more information.

Extra items

Since this website was first produced, articles and photo-galleries have been added which are also family-based stories or materials relating to World War 1. These are listed in the lower menu on the right.

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