Harold Wild’s letter – 1974

Letter from Harold Wild, 1974

The following is part of a letter which my father had written to me on November 17 1974, five years before he died. I think it came in response to a letter of mine in which I must have mentioned his stand during the war years:


“Looking back over the years, I do not feel that I could have taken any other stand than I did, involving one night in the Town Hall’s Police cells, a ride in the ‘Black Maria’ to Minshull St. Police Station & a night in the ‘Guard-room’ of Ashton Barracks, followed by an interview before the Officer in charge (without any clothing on me). He was probably of the opinion that if I had tamely submitted myself to a normal military exam. I would have been rejected & he wanted to know WHY I refused military service. He seemed quite interested in my case!”

Harold Ernest Wild

Born in Manchester 24th January 1896

Married to Dorothy Broome in July 1930

Two daughters:
Patricia Moneypenny, born November 1932
Dorothy Spence, born May 1935

Died in Manchester on 6th July 1979