Siddy Pullen (died aged 18)

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Corporal Sidney Charles Pullen was my Great Great Uncle. He joined the 17th County of London Regiment (Poplar & Stepney Rifles) as a drummer at the age of 16.

pullen_letter1France, Sept 28/16

Dear Mum,
Just a few l ines to let you know that I’m still alive and kicking, thanks for fags – and Powder. I have found it alright as yet, but out here most of the boys can’t help getting them. We are having lovely weather out here but cold at night. This is the address – same name and number, 1/17 Lnd Regt ‘B’ Coy No 5 Platoon, BEF France. Well can’t stay for more now, give my love to all. Bye. Yours xxxSxxxxx

‘them’ is probably lice!

Down the side of the letter is written:

“Written Sept 28th 1916 . Wounded Oct 1st. Last letter never posted written two days before the battle found in his note book.”


On 7th October 1916, after two years of army life, Siddy’s mother, Arabella, received a telegram to say that he was seriously ill in hospital:


A day later, aged just 18, Siddy died having been shot in the chest and arm. From 6th March 1916 to 3rd March 1918, 620 others from Siddy’s regiment also perished:



Erika Benning – Assistant Director ‘Oh What a Lovely War!’