The Bach was as good as the bite

(Extracts from a review)

… Over the course of an hour, Richard, Jeremy and Greg entertained in a varied programme, skilfully designed and executed to amuse, titillate, intrigue and create laughter on an Autumn afternoon. The success was obvious from the audience reactions. Pathos and bathos combined with studious research, perfect timing and a talented musician at the pianoforte.

Audience Quotes:

  • It was right up my street.
  • Great entertainment.
  • Laughed until my eyes watered.
  • Bach and Offenbach (1867) all in the space of one hour.
  • The “Bold Gendarmes”: I heard it last performed at my Grammar School some 65 years ago.
  • Redolent of times past. Rob Wilton. Cyril Fletcher. Pam Ayres and Marriot Edgar et al. We all have our druthers!

Thanks to the We Three team (the trio “Con Brio”) and for them an ode:

Comic Richard was in the grip of a cold
Was it that, that made him so bold?
He used risqué words not suited to vicars
And knew a great deal about knickers.
His encore hit exactly the right vein,
Confirming his team were naughty and nicely insane!

Thanks for your fine and funny performances.
Mike Thorn