About the Artist

I am a painter, photographer, a writer and a teacher. I came to art late, gaining qualifications in fine art and modern European thought after a career in engineering, local government and the financial sector, finally, as the IT and Operations Director of an international insurance group.

I create both representational and abstract paintings. My main concern is to use the painting process to transform a subject or theme into a painting that emphasises relationships between areas of colour, line and technique. It is this process of experimentation and discovery that I find exhilarating. A drawing or photograph is the starting point and the painting’s final form is uncertain.

In my photography I use the same approach; my main concern is to produce images that emphasise shapes and colours. I am particularly interested in mountain landscapes and peoples’ behaviour.

I take inspiration from Henri Matisse whose experimentation using colour, line and abstraction I find amazing. I am also influenced by Richard Diebenkorn, an American abstract painter who was influenced by Matisse and who painted in a vigorous and imaginative figurative style as well. Whenever I am not sure what I want to do I turn to their work to refresh my ideas.

My work has alternated bewteen painting, photography, and teaching art, art history and photography. I exhibit from time to time and have taken commissions for landscape paintings and commercial photography.

If you would like to purchase any of my works, please email me using the CONTACT link at the top of the page.


Alps, Snow and Cloud from a Distance, The 3 Hares Gallery, The Cowper and Newton Museum Olney, Buckinghamshire

Milton Keynes Hospital, MK Art for Health

into abstraction, Artworks MK, Milton Keynes


  • Milton Keynes Music and Arts Festival
  • Journeys, 2nd International Artists Symposium, Westbury Gallery, Milton Keynes
  • Start, Westbury Gallery


  • The Silbury Group of Artists – 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Milton Keynes Gallery
  • Big Drawers, Westbury Gallery


My work is in private and company collections in Britain and private collections in France, Switzerland and the USA.


BA (Hons), Fine Art (Coventry), 1998
MA, Social and Political Thought (Warwick), 1999