Jeremy's self-employed persona
Barbara's self-employed persona
Jeremy Cooper - photographs
All for sale!
Cooper family photos albums
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Community Landscape & Archaeology Survey Project
A community archaeology project in West Northamptonshire: find out about the research and study the findings
Whitehall Farm Roman Villa and Landscape Project
A local archaeological excavation, now completed
Echoes of the Great War
the website of the Nov 2004 exhibition at Stantonbury Campus Gallery, and now home also to other echoes of the Great War.
'Coming Home to Banaba'
Jeremy's 1998 BBC TV documentary about an island in Kiribati devastated by phosphorus mining
Last Whistle at Wolverton Park
a photographic study of the remains of the old football ground and cyclodrome just before the area was redeveloped.
"Our Country's Good" & "The Recruiting Officer"
Two linked plays (one an A-level set-text) presented in tandem during November 2000 at Stantonbury Theatre: it's too late to see the plays, but you might find some useful resources here. This site still gets lots of hits!
The Mysteries for Newport Pagnell
A major production for the millennium in the streets and parks of Newport Pagnell.
SCTCStantonbury Campus Theatre Company
The Company has wound up, but the memory lingers on!
Milton Keynes International Festival (of Folk Art)
No longer running: but here's a list of the participants over the years.